Bohemian Bright - Burleigh Heads

Bohemian Bright - Burleigh Heads - MR. LINEN CO

Bohemian Bright - Burleigh Heads 

Inspired by conscious, mindful living, we aim to create relaxing homes and enhance days spent by the sea with family and friends. Creating happy, healthy living spaces is at the heart of what we do; we want to make your everyday adventures both beautiful and functional.

We love spending days relaxing at home, by the beach and with our loved ones. Our products are thoughtfully and aesthetically designed to provide stunning, eco-conscious choices that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Designed in our Australian beachside Burleigh studio, we use only the finest quality natural ingredients and materials. From high quality pure essential oils, to sustainable timbre in our toys, to the natural fibres of our dresses, every product is designed, sourced and crafted to enhance the everyday with minimal environmental impact.

We are Bohemian Bright. Join us on our sustainable family adventure creating happy, healthy homes and unforgettable seaside memories: shining bright, from the inside out.

Bohemian Bright
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